• Did a lot of visual research on old neon bar signage for a project last year, and still love seeing nice examples of the genre.

  • Scheduling a project, old-school style.

  • A painter paints the appearance of things, not their objective correctness, in fact he creates new appearances of things.
    — Ernst Ludwig Kirchner (via artnet)

    All artists, really, do this.

  • Some nice cast-metal type found on a walk last week. 

  • explore-blog:

    Schopenhauer on style – timeless wisdom on writing from the 19th-century German philosopher


  • More experimentation with the Pigma Brush pen today. No penciling work, just freehand noodling. Still shaky; I imagine practice practice practice will help with that.

  • theatlanticcities:

    Earlier this month the transit agency serving metropolitan Rochester, New York, announced a million-dollar “rebranding” effort. That means everything from a new logo to new uniforms — all aimed at changing the public perception “that buses are only for people who have no other option,” the Democrat and Chronicle reports. The next brand will try to surround Rochester transit with a sense of comfort and ease.

    Rochester isn’t alone in its desire for a transit brand. Jeff Doble, director of transportation design for the Vancouver office of architecture firm Perkins+Will, says system branding is becoming “more and more prominent and important to cities.” From the architectural design of stations to the wayfinding style of signage and maps, branding can help cities that are “trying to build a transit culture.”

    "You realize how much a brand — whether it’s station design or just a refresh of signage within the city itself — really becomes part of the experience of the rider," says Doble. "[Cities] are still struggling to get people to really appreciate the benefits of public transit. I think branding plays a big role in that."

    Public perception of a transit system is no superficial matter. Recent studies suggest it can have a ridership impact on par with actual service quality. The most iconic transit brands tend to conjure up positive feelings; think the art nouveau entrances of the Paris Metro, or Beck’s famed map design of the London Tube. On the flipside, consider the negative image people had of New York City’s subway when its cars were covered in graffiti.

    -How Design Can Help Build a ‘Transit Culture’

    [Image: Flickr/roberttorzynski]

    Just a reminder to everyone that branding is more—a lot more—than a logo.

  • hazelguay:

    The most valuable chart…

    Another great chart, curated from the always great ilovecharts.

  • I’ve decided I need to up my game when it comes to lettering and brush-based ink work. I’ve been doing more of it in the design projects I’ve taken on, lately, and want (ok, need) to be better at it. 

    With that in mind, I’ve been playing around with a few disposable brush pens: The Tombow dual-tipped ABT N15, the Faber Castell PITT Artist Pen, the Sakura Pigma Brush, and a semi-disposable Pentel brush pen. Samples of the pens and their respective lines are posted above. 

    Right now, I favor the Sakura Pigma Brush, because it’s very responsive. The downside is that it’s very responsive, as well…it transfers all the hand’s little twitches and idiosyncratic movements very precisely. I like the idea of the Pentel, since it’s refillable, and uses synthetic hairs to make up the brush head (the others use a rubber-like material, formed into a brush tip). Unfortunately, it’s very, well, brushy. The line isn’t as clean and solid as I’d prefer.

    Have you had experience with these pens? Which do you like?

  • Your follow for this week: Skeletor Is Love

  • scienceisbeauty:

    Hierarchy of disagreement, based on Paul Graham’s essay “How to Disagree”. Might be good bear in mind this graphic when you’re involved in dialectic disputes, specifically online.

    Nice chart to help everyone with their letters to the editor.

  • megsokay:



    Tilda Swinton risked arrest waving a rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin in violation of Russia’s new homosexual propaganda bill. And she wants everyone who can to reblog it in solidarity.

    Guys please reblog this, it won’t ruin your blog, this is important

    Thank you Tilda


  • Minor White
    Devil’s Slide, California


  • explore-blog:


    One of the best bits from him yet.

  • design-is-fine:

    Herbert Leupin, poster design for Agfa film, 1956.

    Lovely ad that combines an iconic brand identity with a whimsical illustration of their target market.

  • Paul Renner’s original concept for Futura, from Lawson’s “Anatomy of a Typeface”.

  • When we make our monthly number...


    At first I’m like…

    and like…

    but then I’m like…

    so I’m like…

    and like…

    and the team is like…

    But then I remember we have to do it again in 4 weeks and I’m like…


  • IRONY: stating that state programs and divisions can’t have their own logo, and that departmental logos have to follow a codified design, yet somehow this project for Go Code Colorado is allowed to disregard that. Ok, maybe it’s not ironic. Maybe the CO logo implementation team has realized that it’s not realistic to disallow programs and initiatives a brand identity that actually helps to identify what it is they are doing. Still waiting on that brand usage manual, by the way, Colorado!