• Sorting about a hundred and twenty images and negatives into shape for a historical documentation project near Montezuma, CO.

  • Which one of you lucky ducks got to design this? #coffee #graphicdesign #denver (at Downpours Coffee)

  • One of my fellow designer peeps saw a spot color piece of mine come off the press recently, and swore it looked like a CMYK job. I explained that it was all due to the magic of using spot colors to create quadtone images:

    The great thing about duo/tri/quadtones using spot colors is that you can run the graphic elements and typography using full solid colors (instead of a halftone build of CMYK), making those elements sharper, and avoiding the risk of out-of register or unbalanced ink densities making your “solid” colors not look great. At the same time you use halftone separations in the images to build warm, neutral, or cool-toned images that in a lot of cases can look like colors not present in the solid color palette for the project.¬†

    In this age of digital printing, which is necessarily process color-based, we can be forgiven for forgetting that once upon a time¬†all printing was spot color-based. It wasn’t until the invention of chromolithography in the 1890s that what we think of as mass-reproducible “full color” printing became something that printers did.

  • The blank canvas that is 9:00 on a Wednesday.

  • Detail of an 1896 Rand McNally school-house map of North America.

  • The 16th Street Viaduct bridge over the South Platte River in Denver, twenty years ago. This was the last of the viaduct bridges to be torn down as the Central Platte Valley began to undergo two decades of revitalization from railyards to condos, parks, and new transit hubs. Shot with my Deardorff 5x7 field camera and Polaroid Type 55 positive/negative film.

  • So many formats in the darkroom today.

  • Say hello to fall

  • Office cat, helping me brainstorm on a project.

  • Light Values.

  • Office Cat Boss giving me the stink eye. Seems to be telling me it’s 9am on a Monday and time to get back to work.

  • Periodically you need to empty out the creative brain buckets to make room for new ideas. #conceptboards #branding #decluttering

  • Double rainbow over the studio.

  • Brand Identity concept preso, ready to go and under wraps. #branding #graphicdesign #butterflies #fingerscrossed

  • It’s funny because it’s true.

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    Rain sounds pretty loud from inside the studio this afternoon.

  • Side project for today: dust off the 40 year-old SX and prep it for repair by the Impossible Project folks.

  • Starting today, cooler heads will prevail in the office.

  • The office foliage is trying really hard to convince people this is a flower shop and not a design studio.

  • Friday afternoons in the office, made better by beer. #greatdividebrew #pantone #studiolife